Simple Cat Sitting Guide

Cats are lovable creatures. They are one of the most favourite pets among the people in the United States. However, the behaviour of the feline creatures is rather typical and incomprehensible, and it causes a lot of discomfort and trouble for the beginners in pet sitting. Cats are of independent nature and are different from the usual dog pets that identify their owners. Dogs are obedient pets that usually recognize their owners and obey their authority. Cats are not this type. They will not give somebody or their owner the title of authority over them or identify them as a source of authority.

Cats are their own masters. And you will find that them to be quite unappreciative and maybe even difficult. Unlike dogs, cats are moody. They do not like to get cuddled if they aren’t feeling like it. They will not even come near you. On the other hand, they’ll come to you if only when they want to be petted or to play. They don’t take to a person quickly, usually driving things at their pace. It is nothing unusual if the cat doesn’t take to you quickly.If you feel the cat has too many hairballs and is indulging in too much self-grooming then you should ask the owner to consult a doctor and ask for medication. These remedies allow the hairball to pass through the digestive system of the cat but remain unsuccessful in removing them. However, they ensure that the chocking is prevented.

If you try to impose your affection on the cat all your well meaning gestures will go down the drain as you will end up making the creature even more rebellious by your forced gestures. This does not mean that you should neglect the creature totally. If you choose to add a cat to your family you must ensure that you are capable to handle the responsibility to take care of them in a proper manner. You have to ensure that before you get the cat you decide on things like which place you would allot to the creature. Arrange for food before hand and read up about any medication which has to be administered. Ensure that you stock up all the medicines beforehand itself and another thing to be ensured is cleanliness.

Don’t force them to interact on the first day itself. Keep the pet in the place pre decided with food and water handy. Keep a watch but be sure to maintain distance to let the creature get the much needed time to adjust. Observe the movements of the cat and keep a close watch for ailments such as hairball. If you see that the cat indulges in excessive grooming, it would be better to speak to the original owners and ask about the previous medication and treatment administered to the cat. Contact a vet and reiterate the same to cross check.

If you are a pet sitter then you are responsible for the animal in the absence of the owners. Hence, if you see that there is any modification in the actions of the cat then you must not waste time in getting in touch with the owner who would be better versed with the moods and behaviour of his pet. But while the cat is in your care it becomes your responsibility to look after it well. Have an eagle’s eye watch on the pet and if anything seems untoward then do not hesitate to take professional and medical help.

However, if you feel that the cat has been missing his/her meal for a time period that is over a day then it is advised to look in the matter and investigate. For cats to skip their meals in a day is not a big deal but skipping all the meals in a single day calls for special attention. Your consultation with a doctor will have the time interval for which they have not eaten as a major highlight.The cats have been showing a strange imperceptible pattern of sleep. They will sleep only they feel like and their love for exploring the world is immense. A cat that is more free willed will go explore the world and come back home all tired and exhausted. It is advised to take up with the cat owner if you feel the cat indulges in no physical activity and sleeps all day long.